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The Importance of Keeping Your Options Open

We each have actually our very own favorite flavor of ice cream, correct? Some pals favor strawberry, while our favorite is actually mint choc and processor chip (though an associate swears by cinnamon – which for the longevity of me, I’ll never understand).

Yet sometimes it tends to be sickly following the same flavor; and before very long, you then become tired of this repetition – slightly like matchmaking.

Even though the almost all people in my social circle fancy switching upwards their particular preferences every once in awhile, i am guilty of following one type: high, dark colored and dorky. If you review inside my dating history, it really is alarming observe exactly how comparable my personal exes tend to be – from the brooding software engineer right through toward lofty Computer Science graduate, its uncanny how foreseeable i will be about interactions.

So it emerged as no surprise that each of my personal connections finished pretty sourly – would we actually ever select anyone to share sweet nothings with, or would I be doomed to forever be left with a sour taste in my own lips?

Why a sweet tooth can be a weakness
After lamenting for hours on at conclusion within insufficient guys that fit my personal type, my buddies remarked that it was precisely my problem. By narrowing my personal choices, I became restricting my chances of fulfilling special someone. Just what when they had never ever observed Carl Sagan? Maybe i possibly could let the fact that they were blonde go?

As a result easy task, it forced me to assess past interactions; and taken to light a lot of repeating mistakes we decided to switch a blind eye to. I thought in what joys each one of the connections had brought me, and reflected during the cause for our very own breaks – and I also realized that my personal dating calamities were right down to me personally pigeon holing my personal partners.

Using my exes basically resembling carbon dioxide clones of a single another, I almost moulded them all into anyone; struggling to split up one personality from other and blending all of them into one generic type. After a long period of staying with this design, it at some point have got to the breaking point in which we neglected to differentiate their particular talents; really creating my chosen sort my ‘weakness’.

Keep the choices open
Using more than 7 billion people populating this world, absolutely plenty of qualified bachelors to pick from. Very after a lot dating-related dissatisfaction, I heeded my pals’ guidance – and as a result of an enormous fangirl crush back at my brand-new favourite music group, can tell I would gladly think about the ‘tall, blonde and band-y’ option.

I’m undoubtedly examining internet dating with a completely brand new viewpoint, and it is hugely refreshing to state that because of broadening my personal perspectives; my newfound epiphany has actually allowed us to look at dilemna. And that knows? I may love a fair-headed gentleman who’s no goal of ever-going to Comicon.

So now as I select ice cream, if my favored option is unavailable, I’ll attempt rum and raisin – because everybody else demands a back-up flavor.

It’s advisable that you have options.

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